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The Need for a Book about AI Value Creation

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As the excitement surrounding AI continues to grow, a lingering question persists: is the potential of AI to create value genuine or merely hype? While the overall answer may not always be clear, one thing is certain: a select few organizations, which we refer to as AI Achievers, have successfully harnessed AI to generate significant business value. However, most organizations have failed and struggle to see a return on their AI investment. In this book, we focus on overcoming this gap

by help you navigate this journey. We show how to navigate the complexities of identifying a business opportunities, mitigate the adoption and feasibility risks of AI, and overcome the many challenges on the path to value creation. Moreover, we show how to integrate AI in the DNA of an organization and explain the capabilities required. Join us on a unique journey of value creation only a few have been able to finish…

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Dear AI Value Creator,

Dear AI Value Creator,

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Additional Book Material

The book is just the beginning of your AI value creation journey. We will provide you with additional material to successfully implement AI in your organization.

AI Value Creation Cheat Sheet

How can you create value quickly, using all available shortcuts? What is the best method to remember everything and avoid falling prey to challenges along the way? With your personal cheat sheet for AI value creation.

AI Value Creation Templates

How can you integrate the strategies and processes outlined in the book within your organization? AI management templates offer surveys, assessments, and workshop materials designed to help identify business opportunities, minimize adoption and feasibility risks, and facilitate the scaling of AI across your organization.

Visualizations for your Presentations

You are tasked with discussing AI value creation, exploring the opportunities and challenges of you AI journey? We will equip you with the right set of slides, book visualizations, and AI imagery to ensure the success of your presentation.

Interviews with our Industry Contributors …

Dr. Adam Bujak, CEO of and former Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Capgemini
Phanii Pydimarri - Head of Strategic Planning & Partnerships at HCSC
Scott Hallworth - Chief Data & Analytics Officer at HP
Karan Dhawal - Enterprise Data & Transformation Strategy Leader at ZS Consulting
Paul Hurlocker - Managing Director at TerraCotta Group
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