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Taking a holistic approach, this book weaves together diverse perspectives to offer a comprehensive understanding of AI and its impact on the business world. To achieve this, a team of authors was assembled, each examining AI value creation from distinct viewpoints. Michael, Wilhelm, and Nisha contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience, boasting a combined 65+ years of expertise in AI, psychology, business, data, and technology. Having spearheaded data and AI organizations, led numerous AI projects for Fortune 2000 companies, and engaged in

extensive conversations with hundreds of experts in the AI field, they present a multifaceted view of the complex and rapidly evolving realm of AI value creation. Stemming from their varied backgrounds and roles, the authors have encountered significant variations in addressing the fundamental question that has fueled their professional pursuits: “How does one unlock the value of AI?” Each author offers a distinct answer, highlighting unique factors they consider essential to AI value creation.

Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael Proksch is a highly accomplished expert and industry leader, celebrated for his remarkable ability to generate substantial business value with AI across a broad spectrum of organizations…


Nisha Paliwal is a visionary technologist, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a passionate advocate for human-centered thinking. With more than 20 years of experience in leveraging technology …

Dr. Wilhelm

Dr. Wilhelm ‘Wil’ Bielert is a distinguished figure in the world of digital transformation, with more than two decades of significant contributions. Currently serving as the SVP and chief information officer…

The real value of AI lies in its ability to help us overcome our human weaknesses, provided we are brave enough to move past our fear of losing our strengths.

Our Industry Contributors

Radha Subramanyam

Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corporation

Bibhuti Anand

CEO of

Dr. Adam Bujak

CEO of

Dr. Das Dasgupta

Chief Data Analytics & AI Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi

Karan Dhawal

Enterprise Data & Transformation Strategy Leader at ZS Consulting

Paul Hurlocker

CTO at Spring Oaks Capital

Scott Brooker

Director Business Architecture at Premier Tech

Dr. Ambar Sengupta

Professor in Mathematics & Head of Department at University of Connecticut

Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Startup Investor, CEO, and Former Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Phanii Pydimarri

Head of Strategic Planning & Partnerships at HCSC

Scott Hallworth

Chief Data & Analytics Officer at HP

Sanjay Srivastava

Chief Digital Officer at Genpact

Vikas Kumar

Head of AI & Data at CNA Insurance

Sripathi Sripada

Vice President Wealth Management Platforms & Digital at Tech Mahindra

Our Editor

Sheshagiri Hegde

Leader in AI implementation, Expert in Data strategy, and Business Process Optimization

With deep appreciation we want to thank Sheshagiri for his dedication to the book and his relentless effort to help us reflect on that topic.

Our Supporters & Partners

Marco Bussadori

AI Executive Sales Leader at Union AI

Philippe Hammond


Nick Schmidt

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at SolasAI

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