Access additional Value Secrets

Book Summary

Download a summary of the
book with content overview…

Access additional Value Secrets

Book Summary

Download a summary of the book with content overview…

The book is just the beginning of an organization’s AI value creation journey. There are many mountains to climb. Therefore, we will provide you with a variety of useful material to overcome the challenges of AI value creation and to climb the mountains of your AI journey.

On this page you will find your AI Value Creation Cheat Sheet, AI management templates, as well as visualizations for your AI presentations. Please feel free to reach out if there is any material you might be missing to create value within your organization.

AI Management Templates

Find templates for various tasks within the book, reaching from AI readiness & maturity assessment, AI Use Case Assessment to AI Project Management.

AI Use Case Assessment

Uncover the potential of AI in your business with our AI use case assessment, tailored to identify strategic opportunities and drive impactful implementations.

AI Strategy Template

Craft a roadmap for AI success with our AI strategy template, guiding your organization through the formulation of effective and sustainable artificial intelligence initiatives.

AI Readiness & Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s AI readiness with precision through a brief AI readiness & maturity self-assessment.

AI Talent – Job Descriptions

Attract top-tier AI talent with compelling job descriptions that highlight cutting-edge projects, innovative challenges, and opportunities for professional growth in your organization.

AI Project Management Template

Elevate your AI projects to success with our AI project management template, streamlining tasks and ensuring efficient execution for optimal project outcomes.

Visualizations for Presentations

AI Value Creation Cheat Sheet

How can you create value quickly, using all available shortcuts? With your cheat sheet for AI value creation.

AI Value Presentation

A full presentation of problem statement, how to create value with AI, challenges to overcome and steps to get there for you to adjust to your needs.

AI Images for your Presentations

A collection of various Images for your presentations free of charge. Generated by Generative AI from OpenAI.

The Hidden Book Chapter

The hidden book chapter is addressing the short term memory of many AI initiatives. Its intention is to help organizations learn and grow on their AI journey without disruption.