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Dear reader, we genuinely hope you found valuable insights in our book. However, our interaction doesn’t have to stop there. This community of AI value creators is for both you and us! We invite you to stay connected, engage in discussions about challenges related to AI with a focus on value creation.

If you’re interested in joining our conversation, please feel free to do so! We look forward to hearing your insights and learning from your experiences. Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out to the authors directly – we’re here to connect with you.

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… independent of your role or title, if you are part or want to be part of the AI value creation process, as …

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  • Enterprise & Data Architecture, Data Science Manager
  • Data Scientist/Analyst/AI Engineer
  • Technology/Engineering Expert and Leader
  • AI Software Vendor/Startup

… you are welcome to participate in our discussions, benefit from the additional material provided and can help us to provide value with the help of AI.

Get Access to Additional Material

The book is just the beginning of your AI value creation journey. We will provide you with additional material to successfully implement AI in your organization.

AI Value Creation Cheat Sheet

How can you create value quickly, using all available shortcuts? What is the best method to remember everything and avoid falling prey to challenges along the way? With your personal cheat sheet for AI value creation.

AI Management Templates

How can you integrate the strategies and processes outlined in the book within your organization? AI management templates offer surveys, assessments, and workshop materials designed to help identify business opportunities, minimize adoption and feasibility risks, and facilitate the scaling of AI across your organization.

Visualizations for your Presentations

You are tasked with discussing AI value creation, exploring the opportunities and challenges of an AI journey. We will equip you with a set of slides, statistics, and frameworks from the book to ensure the success of your presentation.